Girls… We’ve got you covered!


Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Wild x Keisō are lovers of elegantly designed & beautifully crafted handbags.


Frustrated with a lack of affordable, yet fun and stylish, design options, the team sought to turn the accessories market on its head by sourcing handbags that are not only seasonally on trend, but are also inspired by the street style of Melbourne’s diverse and vibrant population. Combined with a love of all things wild, funky and fun, Wild x Keisō was born.


With a drive to bring fashionable forward pieces, Wild x Keisō’s business ethos is simple: luxury and timeless elegance at affordable prices for all!


So why break your wallet to look mildly fashionable, when, with a handbag from Wild x Keisō, you can look stunning, stand out from the crowd and more to the point, still have some change left over for your next night out!

Wild X Keiso